Entrepreneurship: Playing To Play A Major Asset Model – Model Car, Shop – Toy Industry

Having fun is the human nature; and play model, it is a way a kind of entertainment for all ages. It is understood that China’s model of the large number of fans, many up to one million, of which only

Car models Collectors on the nearly 40 million people. And now, shop around the model also can be said to be rare, the market is very big. Investment model shop, and the use of appropriate marketing strategies can be simulated in the micro-world of “play” out of millions of wealth.

Collection of upside potential “This is but a series of 007 James? Bond’s BMW Z8 car Oh!” Car models pointing to a shop owner Mr. Chang told reporters the trendy car models. In today’s market, the hottest car than consumption, and car models in the collection also will hot up. In addition to those who love car models in addition, some investors have begun to like minded people, like stamp collecting, collecting a number of special types of car models, wait for it to appreciate.

Steam Car model , Is in full accordance with the shape of a real car, structure, color, and even interior parts are strictly scaled down and produced. Precipitation around the world, different cultures, different forms of brewing a car shape; different periods of the historical background, letting cars represent different social status and socio-cultural, reflected the level of automobile manufacturing technology. Increasing demand for car models, their prices have gone up. Some work fine, limited production of the famous car models into hot demand, so that the worth of these car models in a very long time not risen a hundred times, thousand times. According to the information briefing, a high level in the car models Jicang Germany, there was an amount of very few survive in the world famous car model, actually sold for sky-high price of 60 million marks. In the U.S., there is a few dollars a year Jinmai the metal system car model, also sold for a record 200,000 U.S. dollars. At home, car models do not add significant value to rare. Such as the Hong Kong production “MATCHBOX” brand classic car 1:43 model of the market in 1991, Chengdu, the retail price of more than 7 yuan per Jin Mai, now passed the 100 yuan price in 10 years time, the speed of its value-added obvious. Another example: in 1984 the 35th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping in the National Day military parade on the board of the “Red Flag” parade car (CA770TJ) Model (1:24) All cars have more than 300 components is applied to reduce the ratio and using the latest technology making the production, limited production of 9999, in each vehicle model’s chassis serial number, becomes the first Chinese manufacturers to produce high-quality model cars, popular car models fans.

Collective value armed forces So, what kind of car models will be more appreciation of the potential? According to experts, generally two or three hundred or so collection of car models is appropriate, its value will be relatively fast speed; limited production of a number of car models than with the general appreciation of space, and some excellent car models achieve the required level of production, firms that will be closed to show its new brand discontinued products rarity; buy complex structure, exquisite workmanship, high level simulation, texture good car models; famous car model appreciation potential, such as international celebrity or a great man sat in the car’s model, the most popular.

“Remote control planes, remote control helicopter, remote control model cars, remote control model boat … … the real value of the money for civilian or military transport, the model you can have a world all to realize the dream of armed forces command, “Guangzhou, a remote control model shop staff said. This remote control model is more close to the kind of outdoor sports. “We play not to put this model view is we pick up, fly up, move up. To participate in model competition and victory is our true purpose!” A remote control model enthusiasts are choosing to reporters explained. Every year, various models of large and small game will be held throughout the country. Competition in the vehicle model such as projects, since 1997, the State Sports General Administration formally launched vehicle model year term of the National Championship, in recent years has “Audi Cup” National Youth competition in the nationwide four-wheel mode; competition to attract a growing number of model enthusiasts to participate.

Owner Mr. Xu is itself a model of fan, in his view, remote control model as a movement has been very mature in a foreign country, but China is still only just beginning. In order to develop this market, Mr. Xu has also organized a model of the club, each week there will be lovers together to exchange ideas, practice skills. The novice who has just started, Mr Hui also always happy to provide “technical support”, at the time recommended for customer purchase model, in the repair and give advice for when the parts are familiar with the client but also a discount … … In this way, new and old customers have become friends, customers keep returning also high, some customers also established a special online forum, become a model shop loyal “fans.”

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