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One toy for children that has generated quite a buzz this year is the Magic Fabric line of toys.  This is an arts and crafts type of toy that helps to give your child a creative outlet, enables them to develop their imagination and creativity, while also giving them the opportunity to become independent learners.  The basic kit comes with sheets of special fabric that has been specially made so that it only sticks to itself and nothing else.  There is no glue, no sewing, or no staples needed to make the fabric stick to itself so it is very clean and easy to use.  The Magic Fabric sheets are already printed and cut and make it simple for almost any child to use.  The manufacturer recommends that this arts and crafts toy be used for children ages four and up.  Let us take a look at the different kits and versions of the Magic Fabric toy, and I think you see why we so highly recommend it for your child.

The first toy in this line to consider is the Magic Fabric Starter Kit.  This is the first place to begin with this special arts and crafts toy, and it has items that you can use later with other kits, and it will give your child the opportunity to get used to using this unique toy.  The kit comes with three hand rollers, four fabric strips, three pieces of foam, four ribbons, one Magic Fabric sheet, and a character making guide.  Any child can create special puffy characters by putting together any two pieces of fabric together and using the roller to press and seal for good the special item you have just created.  With this particular kit the manufacturer suggests that children ages three and younger not use the product as it has small parts and may present a choking hazard.

If you find that your child really enjoys the starter kit, and I am sure he or she will, you will want to step up to the Magic Fabric Creation Studio.  With this kit your child will be able to add five more Magic Fabric sheets, five more foam inserts, one set o press plates, and a detailed instruction guide.  What you child will be able to do with this set is to use several layers of fabric and then press them together to make new and more creative characters, animals, and figures.  The material magically sticks together and all that is need are the special press plates that come with the kit.  You will not need to heat the material, or glue it, or staple it because the material is designed to stick to itself and nothing else.  The product manufacturer recommends that this kits be used for children that are ages six and older.

A really nice feature to the Magic Fabric product line is that they come with activity refill kits.  There are four kits available to all give your child unique activities to do such as the kits for Puppy Fun, Party Pals, Fairies, and Ponies.  Each kit comes with all the materials and instructions you need to make several puffy characters and one fold out play scene.  Your child gets to choose what faces, bodies, and accessories to use that come with the already cut and printed sheets of Magic Fabric.

If you are looking for a toy for your child that gives them a creative outlet than you will want to consider purchasing Magic Fabric.

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