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[WATCH]: China Juguetes Radio Remote Control RC Boats Factory Wholesaler Supplier RZC121615 – We are doing Wholesale toys business in Shantou city,China.We are specialized about Rc helicopters,RC Toy Car,RC Plane,Baby toys,Educational toys,Ride on Cars etc. China Radio.

[WATCH]: The Impulse 26 and the zig zag rc boats

Me and my son driving our RC boats.. Mine is the Impulse 26 and his is the Zig Zag. Kinda disapointed with the speed of the Impulse 26, His little boat almost keeps up….

[WATCH]: Rc boats rasing Kyosho Twinstorm 800 and Pursuit Brushless V Hull RC Boat 820mm

Pursuit setup: Tenshock TS-CZII 2250\6 Turnigy Marine 180A Brushless Boat ESC A2PRO Black lithium 5000 35c 5s Prop 640 Kyosho setup: Leopard 3674 3600 kv. Turnigy Marine 180A Brushless…

[WATCH]: HobbyKing Pulsejet review (part 1)

Here’s a first-look at the HobbyKing pulsejet for RC planes, boats and cars. Some first thoughts: Bad things: – the welding is merely “satisfactory” but nothing to be proud of – only one…

[WATCH]: RC TANK Battle – RC World Battle

Battle of the 1/16th Tamiya tanks on the main battlefield. Subscribe to RC World and get updated on new video uploads! Special thanks to the RC Crew! Crew who? The…

[WATCH]: M.C.B. Racing Hot Rod RC Boats – AC Lazer 40" "Blackfly" Test Start Up

Second start of Lazer – had to change water lines – too loose / leaks.

[WATCH]: Gilligan's Island SS Minnow joins the Scale RC Boats at the San Diego Pond

Pardon the foggy look of this video. My GoPro’s waterproof case had some condensation inside of it. Date: November 22, 2014 Location: San Diego Model Yacht Pond Some of the Boats Present:…