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[WATCH]: Winner of Rc-Drones Contest 8 of 11 For Rc Logger Eye One Xtreme

This is the drawing for the 8th of 11 contests we will run back to back weekly. We are giving away 11 Rc Logger RTF Xtremes total. Here is a link to the item…

[WATCH]: Rc-Drones HexaKong XL-6S HL 950mm Hexacopter **V2** DJI WKM Wookong-M FC+AV200+CarbonCore Tall LG

The new DJI V2 WKM IMU flies real nice. Its worth the $240 upgrade: Some new cool features also. This is a heavy …

[WATCH]: Winner Of The Rc-Drones/Rc Logger Contest

This is the drawing for the winner of the Rc Logger Xtreme RTF Quadcopter.

Flying Guide For RC Helicopters

When you first get your brand new RC helicopter, you want to take it out and immediately start flying your RC that very second. This is apprehensible, but you first should go over these three initial key parts first. The first part is that you should  do a practice session of flying your remote control … Continue reading

Two Way Wireless Radio Remote Control for Industrial Applications

Wireless radio remote control is the new innovation of human beings. Through, wireless remote controllers you can transfer information between two or more points. However, these are not physically connected with each other. Distances can be short, as such a few meters for television remote controls or as far as thousands or even millions of … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Rc-Drones TravelDrone-6S Foldable/Transportable Quad/Quadcopte+PhantoMount For Extended Flights

This is an Rc-Drones TravelDrone-6S Extended Flight Quad for 20+ minutes of flight time. Comes with a travel case that holds Drone, Batteries, Props, GoPro, …

Different Types of RC Helicopters

Flying a RC helicopters are an outstanding hobby to get into as it is something you can relish no matter what is your age. The fact that you are in overall of flying a vehicle is exciting. When trying to purchase an RC helicopter, you have many to select from – small and big, various … Continue reading

[WATCH]: NEW MILITARY ROBOT DRONES? TRX-22-SE MOBILE PLATFORM People sometimes order our robots without engine to use as a mobile platform. We have built target practice units for military ou…

[WATCH]: DJI Phantom PhantoMount GoPro Hero3 black Video Test

DJI Phantom rc-drones phantomount gopro hero3 black Video Test Mount- DJI Phantom-…

Buying A Radio Control Car – What Are My Options?

If you are thinking about buying a radio controlled car for someone special, you might want to know a little about these vehicles first. There are several things you need to consider before you jump in and buy a radio controlled vehicle. The first thing is, know what type of vehicle you are going to … Continue reading