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China and Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ): Assertive Unilateralism?

A day after China launched its first Stealth Drone ‘Lijan’, it also announced its Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in East China Sea, overlapping with the existing ADIZ by Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Does this demonstrate China’s strategic attempt to evoke concern among its neighbours and other major players in the region? What are … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Flying Drones for Sale – Your Neighbors are Watching! – CNN reports about flying drones for sale. Small drones, many with built in HD cameras, are getting cheaper. Is the U.S. r…

Understanding the Remote Control Helicopters of Quadrocopters

The remote control helicopters of Quadrocopter is the latest development in the segment of RC helicopters specifically in the radio controlled vertical lift platforms that take off vertically, fly’s in all directions and hovers. The name Quadrocopter comes from the bare fact that there are four propellers organized in a cross type configuration. The propellers … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Basic Quadcopter Tutorial – Chapter 1

Learn how to build a quadcopter multi rotor aerial vehicle.

[WATCH]: DJI Phantom 2 GPS Drone (RTF) Feature & Start Up- It’s a “better” Phantom 1, now with longer flight time and better compatibility with gadgets The Phan…

[WATCH]: Rc-Drones HexaKong XL-6S Heavy Lift Hex/Hexacopter On 6s w/Graupner 14" props 10.5lb Payload

This is a 950mm HexaKong XL-6S using a Wookong-M FC I built for a customer. The Carbon Fiber frame is foldable for transport. Total payload is 10.5lbs. The d…

Synonymously used for Radio Controlled cars

One is always inquisitive and intrigued to know more about this thing called Machines and this quest for more knowledge has led humans to many great things like a computer, fighter jet, rocket, cars, etc. The newest addition to man’s invention is the popular RC Cars. They are cars that run with the help of … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Mega high 1000 Feet Broken! | Parrot AR Drone 2.0

Not just 1000 feet, but 1500 feet broken! Yes we climbed to 1553 feet in 4 mins, and lost sight of the Drone at that height and for the subsequent 2 mins of …

Tips for Buying Nitro RC Cars

Nitro RC Cars are the very enjoyable car basically designed for kids but now its craze has been increase and now adults also like to enjoy with rc cars. To run cars nitro fuel are used so nitro allows it to run very fast. Nitro RC Cars are great fun to use but they are … Continue reading

[WATCH]: RC Helicopter Syma s107 indoor heli camera Drones

The Syma S107g/s107c with on board heli cam. RC Helicopter indoor flight. Make you own Drones at Home. You can buy a small drone at just about any hobby stor…