Monthly Archives: November 2014

[WATCH]: AeroVironment/DARPA Nano Hummingbird UAV flying

AeroVironment video of flight tests of its Nano Hummingbird flapping-wing nano air vehicle, developed for DARPA. Battery-powered and remote-controlled, the h…

Flying RC Helicopter

Helicopters are certainly some of the most multifunctional and useful vehicles man has ever created. They give the pilot a completely 3 dimensional access to the area around it. While a car can drive on land and an airplane can fly straight, helicopters can go up, side to side, down, and forwards as well as … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Shooting Down Drones with Machine Guns (extras)

Some extra and some older footage of machine gunners at Big Sandy shooting down RC target drones. Music: Mad Mav “Head Shot”

[WATCH]: Onboard Video Rc-Drones 6S 950mm X8 Octocopter+DJI H3-2D Zenmuse Gimbal Custom Built For Dan

Build specs will be updated shortly.

Wireless Radio Remote Control and Modern Life

In current situation wireless industrial technology has changed the absolute manner of conducting our day to day activities. There are different products like garage door openers, smoke detector, wireless industrial equipment etc which are needed for our daily life. A true fact is that now we canĂ¢€™t live without these things. We are habituated with … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Parrot shows me their AR.Drone, a quadricopter that can be controlled by iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It even has two cameras that can broadcast the images b…

[WATCH]: DJI Phantom vs Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – Side by Side Comparison

Just a general physical comparison video of these 2 air crafts. The flight characteristic are hugely different between each device and I’ll leave it up to yo…

Radio Remote Control a Powerful Frequency Catcher

In these days, radio remote controls are very much important for different machines. No doubt these are made with high electromagnetic waves of verifying frequencies. Now we are really developed by the modern technology. We are using so many apparatus with the help of modern technology. Without these techniques we canĂ¢€™t do any thing. And … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Rc-Drones HexaKong XL 950mm Hex/Hexacopter WKM/Wookong-M Multi Rotor for SR Search And Rescue

Another Rc-Drones HexaKong XL 950mm Hexacopter Multicopter built for Manne. It will be used for searching for downed scale airplanes/jets etc… Here is a li…

[WATCH]: FPV Long Range 80km full flight.

Some people asked for it after watching the edited version. OSD and autopilot is Rangevideo RVOSD version 5, Airplane is Winrider Queen bee(2.5m Flying wing …