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[WATCH]: Walkera Infra X RC Quadcopter w/ Altitude and Proximity Sensors

Black – Yellow – A q…

RC Cars- apt gift for boys!

Come December, one is confused as to what to gift to growing boys. For girls, it is so easy to select a gift. They are happy with dolls, soft toys, chocolates, frilly dresses, etc but for boys, the choices are very limited. One of the possible gifts that can be given to them is radio … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Rc-Drones TravelDrone 6S Extended Flight Quad/Quadcopter Multirotor+RTH Return To Home Autonomous

Desc will be updated shortly.

[WATCH]: Drones Bot RC Response(Lost) (Read DESC.)

I only had this many clips because when i first heard about it i was grounded and couldn’t play but hopefully they’ll give me a chance and if they do give…

Tuning the Engine of Nitro Rc Cars

Nitro engines power nitro rc cars and trucks. They can be very little piece of equipment. Every nitro engine even from the same manufacturer is going to tune differently, therefore one has to learn the uniqueness of his/her engine. Nitro rc cars come with manufacturer’s user manual which one has to get into the practice … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Drones RC à Landas

Drone à 3 hélices et Drone à 8 hélices.

[WATCH]: Rc-Drones KongSix XL-6S 950mm Y6 Hexacopter Shot w/GoPro Hero3 Action Camera

Another Custom build from Built for Elite Images. This is a 950mm y6 on 6s using the following: CarbonCore 950mm Y6 Foldable Carbon Fiber Fram…

How to choose the best radio control planes?

Enjoying an increasing radio control planes seem to be neat then this thing is essential that people should chose own radio control planes. Anyone has a first side expertise of how fun it is. People still need to consider various issues so that they have enjoyable moment with only together with the airline that is … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Drones vs. Government: Who Owns America's Skies?

Raphael “Trappy” Pirker has been flying RC drones for years, but his insane stunts have recently caught the attention of the FAA. Now Pirker and Team BlackSh…


UPDATE CHECK MY NEW VIDEO** AR DRONE EXTREME TUNING and funny ALIEN link here Leds tuning on indoor and outdoor hull. I made so…