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RC Car Buggy Fun More than You Imagine

As the saying goes, life is not just being alive, but being well. So if you guys languish in boring life day in and day out pulling a olng face with nothing special and fun to kill time and cheer up, you should wave farewell to the sullen living hell right now and resort to … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Quadcopter Drone Orientation Tips for Distant Flying

These important flight training tips will help prevent you from losing your quadcopter. It’s very important to learn how not to lose orientation of your quadcopter. This can be done by observings…

[WATCH]: Syma X11 vs X12 Drones, Which is best?

Trying to decide between the Syma X11 Hornet and X12 quadcopters? Maybe this video will help! Syma X11 $23.99 with coupon code GBX11: (Please note this is an affiliate link with…

Controlled Substances And The Pharmacist – Webinar By Globalcompliancepanel

Overview: The public media has been reporting the abuse of narcotic drugs prescribed for pain management with its focus on the legitimacy of prescriptions and the dispensing by a pharmacist. Both federal and state regulations have placed the responsibilities on the physician who wrote the prescription and the pharmacist who filled the prescription. Today’s pharmacists … Continue reading

[WATCH]: 3D Printing Pen – Doodled Quadcopter

Rapid prototype of a quadcopter created with a 3D printing pen. Build time was approximately 2.5 hours. The 3D pen used: 3DAirPen The quadcopter parts came from RC…

Today's Radio

Radio today sucks. It just does. I love music. I don’t love hearing the same 80’s rock all day long though. If I have to hear one more AC/DC song or something by Twisted Sister, I’ll go back in time and make sure that Dean Schneider played the fiddle. The main problem with modern radio … Continue reading

The Different Kinds Of Rc Cars

There are many different types of RC cars, from electric models, gas, and even Nitro powered RC vehicles. There are not just cars either, but trucks, tanks, boats and even airplanes. Each of these has their own pros and cons. For those who are mainly interested in RC cars, though, there are still an abundance … Continue reading

[WATCH]: RC attack drones

[WATCH]: AR Drone 2.0 Remote Control Helicopter

AR Drone 2.0 Remote Control Helicopter.

[WATCH]: SWANN QuadForce Video Drone: Before You Buy 144

Fr. Robert Ballecer reviews the SWANN QuadForce Video Drone. For the full episode, go to