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Why Radio Controlled Cars Are Not Just For Children

Toy cars have always been a classic for little boys since they first became available. More lately, radio controlled cars are set to become just as classic, but will probably never totally replace the old-fashioned type. Cars of all types are the source of many happy childhood memories for millions of people. However, radio controlled … Continue reading

Why Buy Radio Controlled E-sky Helicopters?

Radio controlled E-sky helicopters range from small electric models to the larger gas-operated radio controlled helicopters. Often referred to as simply E-Sky Helicopters, they produce radio controlled helicopters for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced flyer. The design of the E-Sky radio controlled helicopters often include fully adjustable fly-bar weights that allow you … Continue reading

Getting Started With Your Radio Controlled Helicopter

Radio controlled helicopters are real fun devices to have. A perfect hobby for those who love flying. With all the modern software’s and gadgets today it’s become even easier to start flying your radio controlled helicopter. First of all you need to get a simulator that teaches you how to fly your radio controlled helicopter. … Continue reading

What to Consider When Buying a Radio Controlled Boat

Radio controlled boats are a fun and rewarding hobby, that could be ether relaxing or exhilarating depending on your needs. Best of all it doesn’t have to be very expensive. RC boats come in a wide variety of forms and types ranging from small and steady cruisers to lightning fact racers. You can either buy … Continue reading

HPI RC Cars Are the Best

RC cars are cars that are controlled by remote control. They are scaled down cars that have the exact proportions of their larger cousins, but just in a smaller size. There are several kinds of RC cars. They can be run on rechargeable batteries or they can be run on nitro motors. The small cars … Continue reading

Sophisticated RC Helicopter

When you think of RC helicopter, you think of toys. They are toys for the small and big boys. It is a lot of fun to own, long as you know how to manipulate it when flying. Take note also that being a toy is not the only role it plays.   Another fashion that … Continue reading

Advice on Radio Controlled Cars Including Nitro Rc Cars

Racing radio controlled cars is one of the most exciting and fast-paced hobbies. It should not be confused as a hobby for kids but adults as well can engage in it. Racing radio controlled cars is a multi-faceted hobby, which is fulfilling and fun on many levels. Nitro rc cars are a type of radio … Continue reading

RC Electric Boats

Who doesn’t like playing on the water? Anyone who owns a boat will tell you that it’s great fun, and you can have amazing experiences which are simply not available for land dwellers. While it is relatively easy to simply rent a boat and go, there are some things that can be experienced vicariously through … Continue reading

Radio Controlled Boat Propeller Tips

Propellers are one of the key elements of a fast radio controlled boat, but few boaters could tell you much about how they work, or how to choose the best one and optimize its power. Once you have this knowledge, you’ll be able to maximize your boat’s speed without damaging your motor. Pitch vs. Slippage … Continue reading

Buying RC Helicopters

In these days there are number of remote control helicopters acquirable in the market. It is very necessary  to choose a exact helicopter for  right skill plane. The best thing about rc helicopters is that you can find a  helicopter model  within your budget. Some people thinks that the toy helicopters and it can be … Continue reading