Monthly Archives: November 2015

Remote Controlled Garage Door Openers

As with the passage of time every thing has been changed. About all manual works are now done by the machines. Labor charges and time both are saved in this way. In this article we are going to discuss the garage door openness and closing with remote control unit. You can easily open and close … Continue reading

Improving Quality of TV and Radio Broadcasting

Television is regarded as the most popular and efficient source of entertainment, which is widely found in, every single house nowadays. The quality and technology involved in TV broadcasting has improved on a massive basis with the changing times. Earlier the transmission of television networks had many deficiencies like interruptions, breakdowns, picture quality, resolution, color … Continue reading

Two Way Radio in an Age of Cell Phones

Late in 2009 a woman was injured when her ATM rolled on top of her. Fortunately she wasn’t alone but her companions weren’t able to get help because they were travelling in, a remote part of Arizona and had no cellphone coverage. All was solved when her colleagues flagged down a car which happened to … Continue reading

Variations of Modern Radio Remotes-From Process Controls to Bulk Transport

The world of industrial radio remote control has not been introduced long days ago. However, during this short period of time it has seen a great success. The modern wireless industrial devices are not just used only for controlling your television or music systems. The uses of these modern wireless industrial devices are more expanded … Continue reading