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[WATCH]: Slot Cars and Radio Controlled Micro Helicopters

Slot Cars and Micro RC Helicopters Fun for the Whole Family!

[WATCH]: my rc helicopter camera mount

Details of my (vibration free) homemade aluminium camera mount and helicopter. Mount cost AUD$10. Mount weight = 440gr / 15.5 oz. GoPro HD camera weight = 15…

[WATCH]: World's Largest R/C Helicopter Event IRCHA

This is the 2012 IRCHA event hosted in Indiana. Gens Ace and received great praise from awesome customers and fans. It was a pleasure for our …

Best Remote Control Helicopters for a Beginner

There are different levels of expertise when it comes to flying remote control helicopters. The level of expertise usually determines the type of remote control helicopter that a certain person can fly. For newbies in the world of remote control aircraft, it is a must that they start with the most cost effective and easiest … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Hurricane H6 RC Helicopter Review, BladeRunner Series

Hurrican H6 Remote Control Helicopter http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the large Hurricane H6 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter. This is a 20″ 3 Channel Gyro Stabil…

[WATCH]: Syma RC Helicopter Review – 3 channel vs 4 channel

Best RC Helicopters for beginners. I compare the 3 channel rc heli and a 4 channel rc heli. Get your own RC Helicopters: 3 Channel:…

[WATCH]: Syma S107G R/C Helicopter Fight & Landings

Syma S107G R/C Helicopter Flying the Syma S107G R/C Helicopter around and then trying some test landings on a box.. I did have one mishap but the S107G was f…

[WATCH]: RC Helicopter show – Amazing Electronic Helicopters

This video about RC helicopters.

Helpful Remote Controlled Helicopters

The remote control helicopter has been into existence since the early 1990’s. the technology is gaining popularity among many technology lovers in the world over. Be it for industrial use, military or for entertainment purposes the small machines are really making a name for themselves in the toy industry. The advantage is that the machines … Continue reading

[WATCH]: TRex 600 Helicopter – Amazing Tricks

Found this on a forum. Amazing video of a talented person flying a remote control helicopter showing off what they can do in the hands of the right person.