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Flying Your RC Helicopter

Flying an RC helicopter is real fun. It’s very exciting to watch your RC helicopter do stunts in mid air with you holding the controls and controlling all its movements. You can choose from an Electric RC controlled helicopter that runs on battery which is easy and less complicated and does not need a lot … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Homemade RC Helicopters – TheRcSaylors Backyard T Copter and Quadcopter Flying

TheRcSaylor Family flying our RC Copters all at once! We’ve got a quadcopter and two T-Copters in this video with some fun ideas you can try on your own! The…

RC helicopters ? electric Vs nitro powered

First you should know that nitro powered RC helicopters are also known as gas powered helicopters. Most of the people don’t have any information about this fact. Several nitro powered helicopters can provide you complete fun and entertainment. Engine of such types of machines are very powerful due to nitro power. They have a tremendous … Continue reading

[WATCH]: EXI 450 CF Pro radio controlled helicopter – first flight by novice pilot

This is the first flight of my fresh EXI 450 heli in the backyard. I’ve been flying RC helis for a month or so–most of it spent on my Blade 120 SR and mCP X…

[WATCH]: China Juguetes WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter 6 channel 2.4G Flybarless – new products for 2014 – We are doing Bulk and Wholesale Toys like RC Ride on Cars,RC Boats,Rc helicopters,Baby Toys,Rc toys,Electronic slot car racing,educational toy…

RC Helicopter Upgrades, Create a Cooler Chopper

A radio controlled helicopter is a cool toy to have. Though they are meant for all ages, some RC helicopters are pretty complex, coming with gadgets and gizmos that most young people wouldn’t even know existed. Here are some of the most common rc helicopter accessories you find in today’s growing niche market along with … Continue reading

[WATCH]: E-Flite Blade mSR Radio Controlled Helicopter

Trying to learn to fly a fixed pitched 4 channel radio controlled helicopter.

RC helicopters could be a good gift for the kids

You may not know this by looking at them, but RC helicopters are pretty complicated toy in the direction of play with. On top of having many moving parts in the direction of operate, a radio-controlled helicopter is made even more complicated by having a radio transmitter in addition to radio receiver thrown in the … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Epic R/C Helicopter Night Flying !

We got some extra footage from IRCHA 2012 and decided to have a bit of fun with it. For the latest and coolest r/c helicopters check out

Remote Control Helicopters- A Fun Toy

RC helicopters are a fun and exciting way for children to learn about the physics of flight. Invented in 1980, RC helicopters have come a long way since they first hit the market. Original models were made of metal and needed to be connected to a battery pack with an electrical cable. None of the … Continue reading