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The amazing Air Hogs Helicopter that rules the skies

Air Hogs are the last word in remote management toy helicopters designed and made by the Spin Master Company in Toronto, Canada. Air hogs toys are a really perfect gift for the aspiring junior pilot (or his Dad), they’re radio managed, free-flying, easily mastered and durable. Let’s have a look on the Air Hogs Havoc … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Tornado 3D RTF RC Helicopter 3 Part Flight Review!

This is the awesome Tornado 3D by BlitzRCworks that is suitable for all level pilots! I split this video review into 3 parts! Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced!…

[WATCH]: E128 RC Helicopter Final Project

An animation of assembly and operation of an RC helicopter for the E128 final project.

Delightful Play Things from a Gadget Store

It is not only children who love to play with toys and other play gadgets; men too enjoy the high tech gadgets when they have the time to indulge in it. These include electronic gadgets which can be an actual entity or larger version toys which are sophisticated in design. Types of delightful gadgets It … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Razor 200 The RC Helicopter Anyone can FLY! BlitzRCworks Bananahobby with Pete! in HD!

Get your Razor here! These are the BEST in Radio control helicopters that do RETAIN… Provides Some Good Choices of Christmas Gifts for Your Family Members

Christmas is on its way again. People often stood in a dilemma that has no idea what to buy for their family again? It is really a big headache. will be your reliable and long-term partner. By Anonymous

[WATCH]: XRobots – Repairing fixing my micro mini radio control r/c helicopter broken gears

This is a video about repairing the broken gears in my micro helicopter. More close up pictures at: You can join my facebook page …

Fold Your Sleeves up and Get Ready for Johiloo Sale

This Christmas what have you planned to gift your kids? Something that makes them jumping in joy! Something that gives them real happiness! Well, if that’s going to be your idea, we provide the opportunity. Yes, hobby warehouse is going to offer the radio control toys at a great discount! The Jolihoo Sale includes planes … Continue reading

Fantastic DAB Digital Pure Radios

DAB digital radios offer a number of advantages over traditional AM and FM radios – they supply a far greater choice in radio stations, the capacity to pause and rewind live radio, and they remove the typically frustrating hissing and popping that comes with other radios. Pure Digital are a main manufacturer of DAB radios … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Nano Falcon Stunt Fly- World Smallest RC Helicopter by Silverlit

About Nano Falcon – The world’s Smallest RC Helicopter in 2014 Smaller than 82mm and weighs less than 11g, this 3 channel indoor helicopter flies up and down…