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Remote Control Golf Trolleys – News

Golf is a challenging game and factors like stress are considered an essential part of it. Golf requires complete physical fitness and well systematic swing mechanics including arms, arms, and shoulders. Players are always at the risk of getting muscle cramps and fatigue. Golf trolleys are among the few essential accessories required by the golf … Continue reading

[WATCH]: MJX F645 F45 RC Helicopter Unboxing & Review

Check out the awesome MJX F645 F45 Large Single Blade RC Helicopter Review!!! 4 Channel functions include: forward/backward, left/right, LED light, and aeria…

[WATCH]: Heli-X 3.0 RC Helicopter Flight Simulator

Heli-X – – RC Helicopter Simulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux New Features for Version3.0 * Crash-Objects in photo scenes * 3D scenes …

Top Performance Remote Control Golf Cart

When you start playing golf habitually and as a serious sport, it is important that you have the best available equipment in the market so that your performance is not at all affected by these factors. For this precise reason, the golf clubs and other related equipment is available in so many varieties and mostly … Continue reading


A video series teaching you how to eventually fly full function 6 channel RC helicopters. This video concentrates on getting you use to the rudder control as…

"2010 Slow / Controlled Release Fertilizer Industry, The Beijing Declaration" Will Be

Recently, the reporter from the “Third International slow release fertilizer industry (Hanfeng) forum” the organizing committee learned that “2010 slow / controlled release fertilizer industry, the Beijing Declaration,” April 23 release in Beijing soon. By the China National Chemical Information Center and Hanfeng Slow Release Fertilizer Co., Ltd. jointly organized and held the “Third International … Continue reading

[WATCH]: IR Super Copter 2.5 Channel Series Red Unboxing Review

If you have questions regarding products not listed here, visit my blog at To purchase this product, please vi…

A Look At The Garage Door Remote Control

Nearly everyone who has a house has a garage. And part of the garage is its door. Without a door, the garages purpose would be slightly undermined. A garage is meant to be a storage area where you can keep not only your car or luxury items such as a boat or motorcycle, but a … Continue reading

[WATCH]: Awesome Remote Control Helicopter Filming

The film crew at Spontaneous Combustion Productions ( take their remote controlled helicopter camera for a spin at the world’s two biggest pr…

[WATCH]: Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter Review

Product Page: This is a review for the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter.